Paul Aaron





It was a quiet storm

on a quiet North Carolina February day.

Saura, your eyes opened widely.

Our curtains shivered in the spirited wind.


Out the window flew my soul

with yours

as rain fell hard

from my eyelids.

It was all over so suddenly.


It was then the tree limbs fell around us.

Earth split open its craggy domain.

Rocks falling, as from the sky

meant nothing to me

but a cover for your grave.


And there was nothing.

Birds and buzz saws were silent.

Car engines faded off into the distance.

A last whistle sounded from the train.

You will be with us no more.


The breasts that I loved to touch

are cold now,

a last lingering kiss on cold lips,

no longer a lover's thrill,

but "good-bye."


We do not need to fight

with the wind and the rain.

Nature's bigger moment

has come upon us.


After the storm is over

there is a quiet blue

in the silent sky.



(Originally posted December 7, 2008)


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