Marilyn Thomas King




  Why is all of this so beautiful?

  Looking out my project window

               sixteenth floor

  I watch the birds race with the dawn,

  like to think they circle the globe

  to keep pace with the sun

  as it rises, continuously, from sleep.


  Listen to them talk among themselves.


  A number 2 train pulls in on Jackson Avenue

               going uptown,

  a number 5 train going toward Manhattan,

  people beginning their day.

  My washing machine works its magic.

  Brownstone sings in harmony: "Ooh la la la."


  I grew up here, "Project Lady of the South Bronx."


  Soft colors this time of morning

  Cars onthe Bruckner Expressway, moving

              in uncrowded harmony.

  Trucks deliver groceries, clothing, liquor, toothpaste

              to the shops on 3rd Avenue

  A man collects bottles and cans

              (got to find enough so he can eat today).

  Notice how that abandoned building is not so scary

               as it seems in darkness.


  Another sea gull flies past my window

              "Goodmorning," we both nod.

  Sunshine brightens to daytime yellow.

              "Good morning"

  St. Mary's, McKinley, Moore, John Adams, Forrest,

  Mott Haven, Melrose and Millbrook Projects


  Why is all of this so beautiful?

  A question I have often pondered

  as I watch the sunrise

  from my mansion's window.


  (Originally posted: February 12, 2008)


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