Kimberly McCrae





 We've not always walked clandestinely in shadows


 nor tiptoed in the blinding light of deceit


 We've not garnished our plate with the withered leaves of parsley grown in ground


 made fertile by scattering our precious seed


 We have spoken loudly in rooms wallpapered with color-coded ignorance


 and danced in wintry streams purified by our blood


 This be a call, a summoning of sensibility


 laying aside parchment paper and alphabetical notation


 BA, MD, PhD, MFA, M.Div,


 that somehow has come to hold more merit than the divinity our story


 to whom have we made sacrifice upon the altars of our loyalty


 diminishing our ancestry to stories told for sport


 our legacy sold for a mere taste of porridge


 footprints painted over and then tarred for smoother passage


 do not be deceived,


 there is no currency of exchange


 that can equate to the treasure


 drowned in the blue of the Atlantic Ocean's tears


 our story is as gritty as the sands that kissed our skin


 as fiery as the lashes that etched eternity into our minds


 more than the cacophony of contusions


 that adorned skin bronzed and baked in ovens lined with








 the yeast has been forgotten in the translation of our legacy


 for we have forgotten to rise


 countless masses left behind


 rocked to eternal sleep on the ebb and flow of Ocean waves


 eulogized by the cries of another stolen, another sold


 another measured by their weight in gold


 another beaten, another raped,


 another lynched, another shaped


 into the image of unfamiliar tongues and the fear of no escape


 laying in wait behind doors of no return


 dank stenches of death as their early morning song


 for at least this sensory realization meant they were still alive


 birthing babies that would never suck from their own mother's breasts


 it's not pretty here


 because it wasn't pretty there


 but they did not endure for us to become demure


 and lest history repeat itself...Amadou Diallo


 and lest history repeat itself...Sean Bell


 and lest history repeat itself...Emmett Till, The Scott Sisters, 3, a church


 in Alabama, 5, Jenna Six


 and lest history repeat itself...Mumia Abu Jamal


 and lest history repeat itself...Apartheid in Arizona


 and lest history repeat itself


 we must muster up the courage


 to speak



  (Originally posted February 18, 2011)


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