Christine Goodman






in two separate rooms

with both doors locked—


one side,

a crisis


one side,

a condolence


I am left

in the hallway




I want to hug you

and hit you

but I've been detached



today life is all waldorf wallpaper

and rug runner

leading off to the


who decided to leave this house

because time

is sacred


I blow kisses

back to my


they tumble down the corridor

and turn into promises

I would keep

on a good day


but today

is not

a good day



I stand in a hallway

facing two doors

that stare right back

absorbing the hours, absorbing my ache


I am stuck

at an impasse

halfway between

two sides

of one person

touching neither

catching whiffs of cologne

through the bottom of the door


I know you're

on the other side

of either door

I choose


but it is not up to me



are the only one

who can

turn the handle

lift the latch


so I weave


out of carpet fiber

and paisley



to convey

the lonely expanse of a hallway


on days like today

when you lock

your selves away

and I become bored

because I've stayed


too curious

to leave


and time doesn't seem




after all


I can wait

and watch nothing

follow nothing

in an endless cycle of loss

wrapped in

hallway swirls


I lie down

on the dusty rug

to die a hundred times

in dreams

of rooms

with fireplaces

and laughter

and your sweet, sweet breath!



(Originally posted November 3, 2008)


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