Anoek van Praag




I am not funny
I am not slick
I do not swear enough
I am not American
I speak funny sometimes
I don’t get the jokes
I don’t like churches
except empty
love the architecture
vaginal arches upon arches
the house of love
of Pro-Creation
I don’t like politics
not even the president
I will not lie
I am too sensitive
I don’t like fat people
who take up double seats
entitled to the little space
we have together
in this city
I ask those women
move your bag
so I can sit
then pushed inside
while getting off
I am so moved
by younger folks
giving me their seat
restores my hope
for all humanity
I don’t like litter
in the park
the chicken shit
the chicken bones
it kills my dogs
diapers people shit
I pick it up disgusted
To keep my park's
my place of refuge
designed inspired
vision for our sanity
plopped in the center
of a city already there
I don’t like screaming kids
while mothers look
approvingly aggressively
while baby faces reach for me
how can we speak
with any measure
of creativity and soul
of spirit god
I don’t like violence
by word or geste
war only ends
for those who die
there is god grace
a short moment
in the trees
I ask: can we undo the world?
Make another one?
I give you this issue
For you to keep
Surrender to the best solution
With the best outcome
For everyone


(Originally posted November 24, 2014)


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