Poetry from Steve Bloom


Comments on the Poetry of Steve Bloom


"Beauty that resides in the realm of undefinable emotions"—Professor Patricia A. Brock, Pace School of Education, New York City.

"I like your poetry for its tightness and compression, also for its strong, thoughtful voice and generous spirit"—Chris Butters, "Arts Express," WBAI Radio, New York City.  

"Your writing has a way of setting me off on a journey I won't return from"—Boone Qwon, New York City composer/performer. 

"He writes with an exacting eye and a generous heart"—Pam McAllister, feminist author.

"If your average nature poem is like being forced to watch your great Aunt's vacation slide show, then Steve Bloom's 'Flower Plots' is like watching Microcosm or Fantasia."—Vanessa Boyd, writer and performer.

"Steve Bloom is a poet worth listening to"—Dennis Brutus, late South African poet and political activist.

"Steve Bloom's poetry combines political commentary with consistent optimism and humanity, a genuine appreciation of what social change is all about (and what it is for)"—Theresa El-Amin , founder and Director of the Southern Anti-Racism Network.

"Poetry with wit, humor, irony, perspicacity and revolutionary politics brought a warmth and smile during my weakest moments. I will never ever forget the therapy i received"—Fred Ho, Cancer Warrior.

"Steve, keep talking in poetry"—Cecile Charles King, food justice activist and food sovereignty advocate.

"Steve, You know what you're doing"—Martín Espada, poet.

"Steve Bloom shows us the world through an unflinching lens. A fearless poet."—Christine Goodman, Founder/Director, Art House Productions.

"Steve Bloom's poetry sings with solidarity for the oppressed, zings the oppressors appropriately, shines with imagery and style in its presentation"—IraGrupper, labor newspaper columnist and activist.

"I'm always glad to read your stuff, whether or not it may go in the mag"—Tim Hall, editor, Strugglemagazine

"With wit and precise language Steve Bloom honors the fragility of nature and the tenacity of the human spirit."—Pat Jordan, Poets Anonymous, Jackson, MS.

"Steve Bloom always tries to get  to the heart of it through flirtation or, if need be,  by cutting straight through the skin"—LisaAnn LoBasso, poet.

"You've brought some wonderful poetry into my life"—Su Polo, founder and co-host of the Saturn poetry readings in NYC.  

"You write with feathers, and yet your words pierce me like bullets coming out of a machine gun"—Marisol Ruiz, friend and NYC activist.

"I'm already thinking about the next Nobel prize in literature"—Michael Schiffmann, German author, Race Against Death (exposé re the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal).

"I have enjoyed Steve Bloom's poetry for many years. It shows a true and loyal heart (hard to come by these days), and, of course, an anti—authoritarian politic (also in short supply)"—Lynne Stewart, NYC activist attorney.

"Steve Bloom's reaction to the miracles and horrors of life, to the sublime found in the mundane—along with a continual outpouring of love for his fellow humans—is an inspiration"—Doug Stuber,   Poet: Chonnam University, S. Korea

"If you read Steve's poems it is almost as if you are taking a stroll in his mind and having the most pleasant and profound conversation with him"—Arabelle Clitandre, producer / director of short film documentary Ayiti Pale.

"Steve Bloom: a compassionate, intelligent, profound poet and sensitive teacher"—J. Rezendes, New York City artist.

"Thanks, you're a thought provoker"—Theresa Shoatz, daughter of political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz.